Harkie Quality Chainsaw Clothing
Harkie...the brand of trust. A range of innovative, durable, rugged gear which makes you and your guys just want to get up the tree and use it - making the job more comfortable, easier and more fun. The gear fits, it works and you can rely on it.
Harkie has been developed by guys who understand your job. It’s constructed to last and it’s guaranteed to perform.

Harkie is a growing brand – we have new products under test and design constantly; register with us to travel the Harkie journey as we launch exciting new tree surgery gear.
Harkie Global products are availble through a network of local dealers, shops, and online outlets. Contact us to find your nearest stockist or for help sourcing any Harkie product.

If you are a dealer and are interesting in becoming a Harkie stockist, please get in touch for further information or to arrange a meeting with a Harkie Global sales team member.
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Harkie Constructed To Last