Harkie Quality Chainsaw Clothing
Just what you’ve all been waiting for... or maybe you didn’t know you were waiting for it? Now it’s here you will know you have been subconsciously waiting for it.

A range of innovative, durable, rugged gear which makes you and your guys just want to get up the tree and use it because your normal job is now so much more fun. The gear fits, the gear works and the gear is just the best.
Harkie is a completely new brand...
it’s been developed by guys who do this job every day, it’s constructed to last and it’s guaranteed to perform.

Harkie is a growing brand – we have new products under test and design constantly; we have launched the brand with just a few tree surgery essentials but keep an eye out for the next exciting Harkie product.
Harkie is a brand name of Redwood Global Limited – Specialists in the arboricultural and forestry markets.

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Harkie Constructed To Last